Fluke Infotech - Amazon Web Services - AWS

Cloud hosted web sites and applications are the future of Information Technology.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, highly reliable, scalable, low-cost payfor-what-you-use infrastructure platform on the cloud. AWS powers hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world and offers other functionality to help

businesses scale and grow.

As Cloud Computing has become very popular, there is a great demand for System and Cloud Administrators with AWS skills.

This course is taught by industry experts with several years of experience.

· Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

·      Introduction to Cloud Computing

·      Compute Services (EC2, AMI Etc.)

·      EC2 Instances

·      Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

·      LOAD BALANCING & Auto Scaling

·      Network & Security

·      Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

·      Amazon Route 53, Cloudfront

·      Security & Identity Services, IAM

·      Storage & Content Delivery Services, Amazon S3 & Amazon Glacier, EFS

·      Database Services (RDS, NoSQL Service)

·      Management Tools (Amazon Cloud watch, Cloud Formation)

·      Application Services (SES, SQS, SNS)

·      Lamda