Fluke Infotech - Environmental Monitoring

Fluke Infotech Environmental monitoring 

Fluke Infotech Environmental monitoring Solution help our customers to monitor Temperature and humidity for their Remote network room and Data Centre easily, AKCP products are very stable and easy to Install and configure, Fluke Infotech is Gold partner of AKCP in India and Middle East.


Product : SP4



 It has 4 auto-sense intelligent sensor ports which work with a wide range of AKCess Pro intelligent sensors. It can use any combination of sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security and even control relays.






Product : WS15
Spot Water Detector  


The spot Water detector is an advanced microprocessor based design capable of detecting distilled water.

Standard water detectors are unable to detect distilled water and water with other impurities due to them using a resistance type circuit.

Waterproof finish and able to withstand being submerged in water for prolonged periods. It has an SNMP OID for monitoring across a network, and will therefore report it’s critical condition at anytime before returning to it’s normal state.

Notifications can be sent to you via SNMP traps, or E-mail (sensor Probe base units) or using any of the wide range of alerts available on the security Probe series.


    Product : THSW15         

    Single Port Temperature and Humidity Sensor


 This water resistant version of the Single Port Temperature and Humidity Sensor is designed for outdoor usage, or indoor area that arsubject to water or moisture

       In situations where both temperature and humidity can be critical you can keep up to speed on the current conditions using this sensor.       Combining temperature and humidity into the one sensor frees up an additional intelligent sensor port on your base unit.

Setup is simple with the sensor Probe and security Probe autosense function. Once plugged into the intelligent sensor port the base unit automatically detects the sensors presence and configures it for you.



 Benefits of Environmental Monitoring Solution

*      Fluke is only authorized AKCP distributor in India.

*      Fluke is certified gold partner of AKCP.

*      Fluke has PAN India presence for support.

*      Fluke has certified technical team for Installation and support.

*      Fluke will provide system health check quarterly.

*      Fluke can provide 24*7 Support to our customer

*      Fluke will provide dedicated Service account manager.