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Fluke Infotech Digital Signage Solution for Indian customer and especially financial sector like Banks and Insurance companies, our digital signage software can be used for a wide range of applications.

Digital Signage solution can be beneficial for Banks, Restaurants, Hospitals,  Retail (Malls, Shops, Chain stores) , Entertainment place , Hotels lobby , School, College, Campus,  Airports, Transportation Centre.


In Banks Fewer things are more annoying than spending time waiting in line. Don't you agree that time seems to go by faster while waiting in a line if you have something interesting to look at? That is why banks are becoming one of the largest venues to embrace digital signage. Most likely, your financial institution has plenty of products and services that would probably be of benefit to your customers if only they knew about them. Digital signage is a great way to promote these products.

 Digital Signage is the perfect solution to install around waiting areas, behind your tellers, transnational kiosks, and in drive-through lines. It also provides a most efficient way for a central management among all branches or a certain local area network.


  1. Connect and educate your clientele on the many products and services that your branch offers.

  2. Improve the in-branch customer experience.

  3. Entertainment for your patrons, helping decrease perceived wait times.

  4. Delivery of on-time content.

  5. Branch specific content delivery.

  6. Ensure consistent corporate communications.

                                                                                                                                                 Network Digital Signage Software and Media player connection                                                                                                     

           Digital Signage Server SoftwareServer software will be install on server in your head office or central office.       

          Media PlayerMedia player will connect with you LCD/LED in your Branches , Showrooms or lobby Media player having LAN interface to connect Server and it will get content from Server in secured  Encrypted format.       

         Screen(LED,LCD) : Normal LED/LCD screen with HDMI or VGS interface.